How Teys Australia products are good for your health

Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food, says Wikipedia, but you don’t want just any. If you are looking for wholesome and quality beef, Teys Australia is one of the best sources in the world. The company has been exporting beef and supplying local meat suppliers for a very long time. It is known for producing great meat products worldwide. In fact, Teys exports its products to over 120 countries all over the world.

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Top local meat suppliers

They also supply a lot of butcheries, eateries, and supermarkets in the country. According to Wikipedia, the trend in Australia when it comes to food is low fat and low salt healthy cooking. There is a lot of focus on lean cuts of meat that are lightly cooked to preserve flavor. The folks from down under are also well known for their barbecue skills. Therefore there is a demand for high-quality beef and trusted companies such as Teys Australia supply it. 

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What is so great about meat from Teys Australia?

– Quality meat products

According to Wikipedia, Australia is huge – it’s a continent in itself. Therefore, there is a lot of land much of which is being used to rear cattle. The culture for many ranch owners here is to expose their animals to as much rich pasture as possible before finishing them on grain before slaughter. The result is tender, wholesome, juicy beef that is packaged and exported all over the world through Teys Australia and other outlets.

– Variety of meat products

Teys Australia has a range of products for its customers. Apart from meat cuts they also offer ready-cooked meat products. They provide an array of ready-cooked lamb, pork and beef products of excellent quality. You can choose a beef wellington recipe, meatballs or a beef mince recipe. On the other hand, they have selections of ready cooked pork and lamb as well. These ready cooked meals from Teys are perfect for those days when you just can’t be bothered to cook a meal from scratch.

– Affordable meat products

If you love beef, you know how hard it is to find good red meat. When you do find it, you are expected to pay an arm and a leg for it. Teys Australia solves such dilemmas for millions of people worldwide that can now choose export beef products over expensive and often tasteless local meat. The fact that they package the meat in a variety of ready to cook options such as their Beef Wellington recipe and their Beef mince recipe is a bonus.

– Health conditions

Many times we eat meat but have no way of knowing where it comes from or the process it goes through during packaging. Australia is known for its stringent animal health rules. The animals reared for produce undergo regular inspections for diseases. The way that meat is taken care of during packaging also undergoes strict scrutiny to ensure that all the meat is top notch and fit for human consumption. You can be sure that meat products from Teys Australia can pass any quality test and health test because they produce them under strict health rules.

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– Nutritional value

Good beef should not only be tasty and free of disease, but it should also be full of nutrients as well. Shocking as it may be to some, not all beef provides the same nutritional value. The nutritional content of a piece of meat depends on the state of the source animal. 

In Australia, they have a Meats Standards program that was set up by the red meat industry to ensure that the meat produced there is of high quality and safe for human consumption. They pass meat through consumer tests and ensure that set standards are followed from paddock to plate. Teys Australia products have passed all quality assurance tests established by the Meat Standards Australia so you can be sure their produce is tasty and good for your health.

– No to animal cruelty

The animals that produce the meat products from Teys Australia are taken care of well. You don’t have to worry that an animal had to live in atrocious conditions to provide the beef on your plate. Their livestock is taken care of according to standards set by the Australian Meat Industry Council. They ensure that all their animals are treated in an ethical and humane manner. Therefore, the beef you get from them is tasty and wholesome reflecting the excellent conditions, and nutritional feed that the animals get during their lifetime. 

So if you are looking for great meat products that are good for your health, Teys Australia products are the way to go.